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Pig artificial insemination
We have an experienced and competent team of field officers who are always on standby to provide the service. Working with us enables you to get additional services on top of pig insemination such as: on-farm advice, follow up and monitoring of the pigs inseminated during pregnancy, advice on how to prepare for farrowing, care for the newly born piglets, among others.

Boar semen analysis
We have the capacity and competence to analyse the semen quality of the male pigs you use to serve the females at your farm. In some instances the reproductive failures and the small litter sizes may be as a result of the poor semen quality of the males you use to breed the females. Therefore, it is important that farmers who still use boars periodically analyse the semen quality of their boars.

Scanning pregnancy
We offer modern scan services to enable farmers confirm whether their pigs are pregnant or not. This has to be done early so that the farmer can be able to plan appropriately without having false expectations.

Treatment of reproductive complications in pigs
In the event that the pig fails to exhibit signs of heat yet it is of the right age and size, we offer reproductive solutions to handle such cases. Also in instances where the pigs have reproductive diseases affecting conception we have the expertise and equipment to treat complications of this nature.

Farmer Trainings
We offer customised farmer trainings to groups and individual farmers both at office and at selected locations covering various issues along the pig value chain. We also conduct on farm trainings.

Demo site visit

We have a demonstration unit at office where we handle scheduled and unscheduled exposure visits and trainings.

Capacity building of extension service providers
We transfer the skill of pig artificial insemination and how to use the ultra sound scanner for testing pregnancy in pigs. We also mentor stockmen those already working on pig farms and those interested in working on pig farms.

Internship trainings
We offer practical field exposures on pig artificial insemination and breeding to students in institutions of higher learning.

Appropriate housing for pigs and technical supervision on construction
We advise, design, and develop bills of quantities for the various types of pig houses. We can also supervise the process of construction of the pig farm / houses to ensure that they are in harmony with the general behaviour, animal welfare, routine farm operations, and the bio security measures of pigs. A functionally appropriate and comfortable pig house guarantees enhanced production and productivity.

Production of special solutions for use in the No cleaning – No smelling pig houses
We produce the special solution which is sprinkled in the No cleaning – No smelling pig houses where the floor of the pig house is made of biomass instead of cement.

Installation and routine maintenance of automatic water systems on pig farms
We advise, design, cost and install automatic water systems (nipples) on pig farms. Pigs drink lots of water and in instances where water nipples are not installed it creates additional work to the pig attendants who on many occasions fail to deliver sufficient quantities of water to the pigs hence affecting the growth and health of the pigs.

General consultancy and development of business plans for pig farming
We offer general pig consultancy services, develop business plans and proposals in pig farming. Therefore, feel free to come to our offices for consultancy services on issues relating to pig farming.

Market linkages of piglets, pigs for rearing and those for slaughter
We offer market linkages between farmers selling pigs and the prospective pig buyers via our website www.vetlineservicesug.com. This is an easier platform where both the seller and the prospective buyer link up directly. It is a simple and convenient for all the parties. You will find piglets, pigs suitable for rearing of all ages and those for slaughter.