About Us

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Vetline Services Limited is a private registered company in Uganda engaged in agricultural consultancy services with preference towards the pig industry.
We provide top-notch innovative technologies and services that include pig artificial insemination, no-smell no-cleaning method of pig rearing (where pigs are reared on a biomass floor instead of cemented floor), extension services, farmer trainings and capacity building of extension service providers.

Our Mission

To improve profitability in pig farming through innovation and ethical service delivery.

Our Vision

To be the centre of excellence for all pig services and to remain reliable and efficient at the forefront through quality, honesty and hard work.

Our strategy

Partnering with local and internaternal farmers, government departments, NGOs, business community, Institutions, of higher learning and research, international organisations to develope the pig industry in Uganda and beyond.

Our team


Dr. Leonard Kawule Kiryose

Executive Director


Dr. Richard Kiriggwajjo

Deputy Director

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