Terms and conditions for market linkage

The fact that we offer pig insemination services among other services and products to pig farmers, on many occasions the public has contacted us for the market of their pigs. Also those interested in buying pigs contact us to identify for them farmers having pigs for sell. One of our core objectives being to create market linkages for pig farmers, Vetline Services sought of an appropriate, user friendly mechanism of addressing this need. In this aspect Vetline Services does not act as a middle man but our role is to create a platform for direct linkage between sellers and the prospective buyers which we believe offers numerous advantages to all stakeholders.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to:

- Carry out due diligence on the pigs presented for sale
- Check the health status of the pigs at the time of buying; we highly recommend that you work with the area veterinary officer
- Agree on the terms and mode of payment with the seller
- Secure the necessary permits and certification for transportation of the pigs
- Make the transport arrangements for the pigs

It is the responsibility of the seller to:
- Put appropriate bio security measures in place
- To determine the price for the pigs on sale
- Provide security for their animals and equipment
- Set the terms and conditions of payment to the buyer and ensure that the buyer adheres to them
- Any other necessary terms and conditions for the transaction in question

Vetline Services will not be responsible for:

- Any eventualities that may arise between the interactions of the prospective buyer and seller.
- Any details whatsoever about the prospective buyer and the seller.
Only pigs technically quality assured by a competent livestock extension service provider will be displayed on the company website.
The cost of carrying out technical quality assurance will be borne by the farmer and this will be mutually agreed upon between the farmer and the livestock extension service provider.
The decision of posting the pigs presented for sale solely remains with Vetline Services Limited. Vetline Services Ltd reserves the right of determining the cost of posting the pigs presented for sale on its website.

We strongly condemn the abuse of this service by any persons with ill motives

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